Need Help Understanding Bipolar Disorder?

The Sutherland Seminar Series is a 12-hour comprehensive, informative audio lecture which helps patients and loved ones learn how to identify, understand and cope with bipolar disorder.

The Sutherland Seminar Series is an 8-part series that covers in-depth topics related to bipolar disorders

The seminars are primarily designed for adults with a bipolar disorder, their family and friends who want to support and understand them, mental health professionals, and anyone who wants to better comprehend the complications, challenges, and implications of the illness.

The content is easily accessible, in terms and language that anyone can understand. The accompanying materials help to orient the listener with the information that is being taught.

The Seminar Series is now considered by psychiatrists as an effective treatment tool for patients and their family members since understanding the illness is critical in managing symptoms and preventing relapse.

  • Approximately 12 hours of lecture
  • Lifetime access
  • Includes class handouts
  • One-time donation goes to help others
  • Easy to stream on your computer or phone
  • Includes MP3 files for offline listening

“I think what the Sutherland Center does so well is comprehensive education. Psychiatrists can do education during the course of an appointment, but an 8-week Seminar Series – 12 hours – is invaluable for many clients to help them understand their illness and understand how to treat it, to help them come to terms that they have the illness. I barely get 15 minutes to educate a patient in one appointment. And again that’s based on their financial resources. This makes it more accessible to more people, the ones who need the most education, because they have limited resources."
- Psychiatrist in Boulder, CO

Stream and Download the Entire Series for $79.99

Your one-time donation of $79.99 to the Robert D. Sutherland Memorial Foundation unlocks lifetime access to the 8-Part Sutherland Seminar Series on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

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Your Donation Helps

For almost every dollar donated, almost $0.90 goes directly to diagnosing, treating, managing and improving the lives of those with this complex and challenging illness, and assisting and educating their family and their friends. Thanks to you, we’re helping people every day to LIVE BETTER LIVES!

Expert knowledge from an experienced Clinical Psychologist

The speaker is a licensed clinical psychologist and Director of the Sutherland Bipolar Center. With over 15 years of experience treating clients with bipolar disorder, she covers a wide range of subjects that are applicable, practical, and rooted in evidence-based research and proven therapies.

Dr Alisha Brosse

"The Sutherland Seminar Series is incredibly informative, and it is invaluable for those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as their family and friends. Dr. Alisha Brosse's depth of knowledge and nuanced understanding of bipolar disorder is extraordinary. Every topic in the series is crucial to gaining a thorough grasp of symptoms, treatment, and therapies."
- Seminar Series Participant

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