was created by the Sutherland Bipolar Center in Boulder, Colorado

While the Sutherland Bipolar Center in Boulder ceased operations in 2019, its spirit of support and education lives on through This platform serves as a vital resource for those impacted by bipolar disorder, offering comprehensive materials and insights from the Center's once-popular seminars and classes. These resources, including detailed class materials, are readily available to parents, family members, and anyone facing the challenges of living with or supporting someone with bipolar disorder.

Your contribution to the Robert D. Memorial Foundation via plays a crucial role in this mission. Donations are directly channeled towards supporting individuals with bipolar disorder, continuing the legacy of care and empowerment that the Sutherland Bipolar Center was renowned for.

cu center

Housed in the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Department of Psychology & Neuroscience (CU), the Sutherland Bipolar Center was established in 2001 with an initial gift from the Robert D Sutherland Memorial Foundation. Annual gifts from the Foundation and in-kind contributions from CU sustained and expanded the Center.